here is the deal:  these songs are not all the way done, or mixed... so if you kind of like something, or think you might show your parents, make sure you come back and see if you have the latest version.

the plan in the long run:  if you haven't noticed we are making many different "genres" of music.  our plan is to make two albums, one album with songs that we really like, and a follow up album with the songs that we made during the process of the main album (the goofy ones).  the follow up album is very cheery and poppy. it gets us through the cold winter months of recording.  the songs on the follow up album sound of poorer quality (in a fitting way) mostly because we recorded them as we make them up and real fast!

main album candidates

*playin' trucks*
this innocent, smooth singing song will surely tickle your fancy, if you like it.
andrew: lead guitar
*how are you?*
here is a rough mix of the first version of this song.  we still have ideas of what we want to add to it, but for now, here you go.
matt: cello

follow up album beauty stars

*gusty winds*
what the road signs on the way to madison coming from hudson.  also watch for the pigeons
*it's fleece was white as red*
sheldon had a little lamb... the rest of the song pretty much wrote it self
*i'm sensitive yo*
this is one of those songs that goes out to someone... check it out, it might be you!
this song was created somehow on the 7-8th of january.  we (jason, andrew, and myself ,david) were recording and we had just finished up a tribute song to the best band on earth, creative negligence.  anywho, andrew was whining about how he wanted to "jam" just like luke on starwars.  out of fear we jammed with him, and this is what happened.  we finished this song up a couple hours after the jam started.
andrew: lead guitar
*my "friend" the neoplasm*
this ditty was made up and recorded in room 112 conover kronshage.  it started out as a 50's type song, you know where the girl is talking over the gentle music in the back and the girl is, by all odds, talking about her new/lost love.  the only difference between the early stages of this song and a 50s ballad  was the uneasiness in the male voice and the incessant cursing over the "relations" with this "thing".  luckily for all we changed the direction of this numba', and developed it into sexy hick rock song.
matt: marimba keys


*hopeless- tribute to Creative Negligence*
ah, yes.. hopeless.
hopeless was a song written and directed by phil bracy, now hotshot of dsh records.  now, yah see here Creative Negligence was quite possibly fighting for the spot of the best punk group in all of st. croix county, until phil moved away and other, unspeakable events happened.
now, like we think of the dead on holidays and birthdays we think of you, creative, and tribute this lamb as a sacrifice.  wait, no... it's a song.
andrew: acoustic. guitar

Special Recording Release: by ryan thomas butler

*everything nothing- tribute to Creative Negligence*
keeping alive the two minute tradition