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bio coming soonjason allen robey, born and raised in hudson wi, picked up the bass when invited to play in a 10th grade punk rock band.  without knowing the correct tuning to a bass guitar, jason was on his way to fortune and fame in the punk industry.  but he gave up the money and babes to join forces with david.  together they birthed sheldon.  jason's musical background started its true growth with the addition of the bass guitar in his life.  beyond that he has no professional musical training.  jason has the keen ability to know what is going in every musical situation.  he handles all of the organization of live performance, and creates much of the bands art.


(annie, matt h, dan, matt v)

these soldiers generally play with sheldon when they are playing shows near madison or living in madison

annie, sister of david plays the role of cute back-up vocalist.  she is studying to be a nurse at UW Madison.  studyin' hard!

in the studio: annie does some great back up vocals, which are greatly appreciated
playing live: 
annie has yet to perform with us live

his name is matt, but his friends call him ol' rabbidous.  matt fell into contact with sheldon in a completely random fashion.  As freshman in college at UW Madison matt and david were assigned the same room, how awkward!  turns out that they were just roommates.  ol' rabbidous come from a background of classical music.  playing the cello since 4th grade, and the piano for 6 years, matt is considered a musical genius.  matt enjoys the types of events that normal folk might think strange, such as doing physics, juggling, unicycling, rowing, tree climbing, building with erector sets, baking, and synchronizing the clocks in his bedroom.

in the studio:
matt has added a ton to songs with his masterful cello playing
playing live: matt  mainly plays keyboards with us live, sometimes cello.

defining moment: one night we cut matts beautiful locks off and biced all of his skull except for a top knot.
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(ryan, kraut)

these soldiers generally play with sheldon when they are playing shows near hudson or living in hudson
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