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05.01.04 Mifflin Block Party: 
412 miflin street
when: 5:45pm
cost: free
alls i have to say is "flipping nutz"
05.01.04 spring fest.  as far as i know this information is correct.  i don't feel 100 percent confident, so come with a friend just incase i am wrong.  bad news is always better with a friend, unless the bad news is that your friend has been stealing your free movie passes!
NAT fields (madison)
12:45, we are the second band to go on, so if you want to see them al come around 11:45, 12
there are 5 other bands i will try to get the names of those rascals
03.10.04 another open microphone in the rose taylor room.  this was our first performance playing with dan.  i would say it was a bloody success because of all of the murders and blood.
11.25.03   i think this is a student open mic type thing.  it is in the rose taylor room above kronshage main in madison.  if you don't know what i am talking about, you probably wont want to come, but if you still do email me, and i will give you directions.  also, we are planning on playing with a violin player, new member? we will see, we have to check her for diseases and bombs and such, you know the typical screening, see how she takes a kick in the pants.  matt, the cello player gave us the hookup, apparently she was in a blue grass band.  we will have to try really hard to play good in front of her, to make her join the band.